All about Gupta Coal

The Gupta Group is a pioneer in mining division and included in the extraction and digging movement for coal, uranium, and metalliferous mining. The mining process of Gupta Coal has spread all over the region of India.

Padmesh Gupta Maharashtra is constituted as the no. 1 rank driving mining organization in the nation and we are ensured by

ISO 9001:200-quality service framework

141001: 2004 Environment management systems

OHSAS 18001: 2007-Occupational Health and Safety Management System in Mechanized Opencast Mining.

Padmesh Gupta Family drives the organization as overseeing chief, and they have possessed the capacity to keep up Gupta Coal track record of benefit in an earlier year regardless of globe retreat, he likewise granted as Editor of Board Member of “coal understanding.”

We are a capacity to keep up the mining of coal and limestone in even in stormy season and additionally the work of a few sites which is at the delicate tribe. We are a capacity to do work 365 days in a year without influencing the anything.

In as of late padmesh gupta nagpur has set up a cutting edge 200 TPH squashing and screening plant at Raipur for high outfit caliber of streets, Dams, and building materials.

As a gupta corporation limited, we have made much surprising progress in making Joint Ventures and adding essential portfolios to its item and services.

Gupta Group

Gupta Group has framed with Joint Venture, Nagpur Sical Gupta Logistics Limited with Nagpur Sical Gupta Road Terminal Limited. Gupta Group has been putting forth services, for example, Coal, Energy, Mining, Infrastructure, Logistics which are of awesome gainful for exercises, for example, development of streets, scaffolds, structures, channels, and so on.

At padmesh gupta coal, we are now during the time spent propelling its first operation at Nagpur with a 200 TPH Capacity. The Operation might onset from April 2011.

Gupta Group – Earth Minerals Company Ltd

It is a joint dispatching of undertaking between Gupta coalfields & washeries and Earth Minerals Company Ltd in their fields of Infrastructure and Mining separately that will prompt clean and eco-accommodating Gas Distribution Project.

We are the First Company to get approval particular services to mining or mineral investigation organizations, designing and natural expert firms, private businesses, petroleum organizations and government offices.

Gupta Group and Earth Minerals Company

As a coal mining organization, Gupta Coal has marked a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) for imminent extraction and mining ventures. Gupta Group imparts a most critical relationship to various organizations in India including Monnet Daniels Coal Washeries Pvt. Ltd, Calcutta Industrial Supply Corporation, Earth Minerals Company Limited, Wani Coalfields Pvt. Ltd., Avnisha Realtors Pvt. Ltd and some more. In Earth Minerals Company Limited history Gupta bunch mining bring the unmistakable credits like First Customer of R220LC-7 and First Customer to grant greatest single request to Gupta Group for 25 No’s of R500LC-7 50-ton excavator for our forthcoming tasks. Fundamentally said, it’s a bit of your life. Ended up familiar with what is happening in the coal business and keep up a key separation from the frightful surprise when the fuel or warming worth ascents, since it’s all related together.


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