In the year 1999 Padmesh Gupta Founded an independent investment arm Gupta Corporation Limited and other operating Companies Vz. Gupta Coal (India) Ltd, Gupta Coalfields& Washeries LTD., Gupta Energy Pvt Ltd., Gupta Coal (India) Pvt. Ltd., Gupta Coal International Ltd., Gupta Global Natural Resources Pvt Ltd. These emerge as the a highly diversified, multi-location, conglomerate directly or indirectly providing employment to 4000-5000 families global recognition, having a presence in Indonesia, South Africa, and Singapore in addition to owning Corporate office at Nagpur and man branches offices across the nation.


  •     Padmesh Gupta won several award and honors. Significant among these include PritEduljee cause
  • Excellence Award in commerce, trade and industry in the year 2006 from national chambers of commerce LTD.
  • Outstanding Achievers Awards from S.F.S schools Old Boys Association for the years 2003.

The brand Gupta coal headed by Padmesh Gupta has been elected for the award of the international Diamond Star for Quality by the national Marketing institute inflame Enriau Dia De Leo, Jalisco, Mexico Being the responsible citizen of the country, a veteran industrialist and youngest leading entrepreneur of central India, social causes and the upliftment of the underprivileged has always been a major concern for pdmesh Gupta who has contributed a lot of his resource towards it, by associating himself through various organization and paved a ways for his betterment of the common people.


Padmesh Gupta with an intention to provide service to economically backward classes, contributed liberally in the field of education, healthcare and environment. He found trusts namly seth Madeo Prasad ji Gupta charitable Trust and PD. Gupta foundation Trust and hand undertaken various activites sponsorship like scholarship to the needy and economically backward student, establishment and maintenance of wells, water reservoir of the public, Nutrition Programs for pre-primary middle school of NMC & other rural areas.

Padmesh Gupta being a role model in the competitive industrial sector has been invited to address and enlighten the management student of Ramdeobaba College of engineering and Management. Being a role modle he is always, supportive and a motivation for those who believe in themselves

As an active member of Central indial Institute of Medica Science (CIIMS), he extended necessary support for the medical aid by sponsoring for the construction and maintenance of once ICU unit. Meals, shelter as well as Clothing is a basic necessity of life and in order to serocce weaker section by providing them these rudimentary amenities, Padmesh Gupta Associated Himself with mahaveer international, Nagpur as an exciutive Director and has contributed for Jaipuer Food Centre and Food Boank for free distribution among the weaker section.


Padmesh Gupta strongly believes in keeping nature free from pollutants and gives priority to environment keeping in view the environmental threats such as Global Warming, Fllods and famines.He associated himself with varnish a social organization working for tree plantation and he carried out plantation not only in the city of Nagpur but also covered the adjoining rural areas surrounded by industrial.

Padmesh Gupta has not only confined himself to these activites but is a wililgn and equal contributor for other social causes and renders varios services to the society but associating himself with the similar minded organization like Vidarbha industries Association, Ramdeobaba Educationla Institution ( Engineering College and school), Akhil Bhartiya Natya Parishd, Nagpur, Gowrakshan sansthan, Manavmandir Sansthan and Many more.

To end a famous chiness saying comes to mind, Aclosed mind is like a closed baook; just a blosk of wood. Padmensh Gupta defines an open book and an opene rich mind, willing to learn, grow evolve, and genuinely help people associated with him.



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