Mr. Padmesh Gupta, elaborating about RMHS

Double-Roll Crushers are size-reduction machines, which shear and compress the material between two hardened surfaces. This machine consists of one set of rolls. One roll is stationary and other is adjustable one. The rolls break the feed material to the desired output size with minimum fines generation.The rolls are made of cast steel and hard faced on teeth for extra tough service.

Rotary Vacuum Drum Filter: Consists of a drum with connections from the periphery To an automatic filter valve.The rotates, partially submerged in the slurry and cake Is deposited on the drum surface and filtrate is drawn into a network of piping within The drum towards a central valve located in the drum trunnion. Replaceable drainage Grids held in position by divison strips from the drum neck. The performance of drum Filters is controlled by adjustment in three main variables.

.Drum rotational speed

.Applied vacuum




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